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Vehicle Track Analyzer

Maximum length of path in Vehicle Track Analyzer is 500m.

The objective of the module Vehicle Track Analyzer or VTurn (Vehicle Turn) is to analyze the carriageway required for the vehicle turning radius.

  • Users are free to select their desired vehicle for vehicle turn analysis using the function Vehicle and drive through e.g. a roundabout using one of the different ways of driving.
  • This is a dynamic function where defining the path (middle of front axle), which is to be analyzed and the analysis are done simultaneously using the functions of the sub-menu Make/Edit Path.
    • One can select a type of vehicle and drive through the desired path (e.g. a roundabout) using one of the different ways of driving.
    • During driving the total area required is shown and when the drive is finished a vehicle is drawn at the start and the end of the path.
  • The results of the analysis can represented graphically as well as in text format using the functions of the sub-menu Draw Result.
    • Drawing setup for graphical representation of the result can be configured using the function Settings.

The functions for Vehicle Track Analyzer can be called from the menu Road or the toolbars Vehicle Track Analyzer, Make/Edit Path, and Draw Result.

When the function Controlled (the vehicle follows the cursor) is running some keys on the keyboard perform special actions.

The submenu has the following items.

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