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Version 19.3x.FP3

Updates in Novapoint Road

Road ribbon

FIXED: Smaller corrections on function naming.

FIXED: Wrong handling of template “From Existing Project in some cases.

FIXED: No longer possible to press “OK” in dialog for Vertical override when the road model is not reserved. This is in line with all other dialogs.

FIXED: In some cases “Full Length” was not correct for the reference alignment.

NEW: New button on the road ribbon to turn of the build of the road model on “Finish”. This solution will clear the result objects attached to the task to preserve a correct model so that there are no difference between indata in the road model and the calculated result.


NEW: A new message box appears if the calculation basis is missing giving an opportunity to go back to the road task and do the necessary changes before finishing. Removed previous message box and warning is written to the processinfo about missing calculation basis.


FIXED: Road model build sometimes when it was not necessary when pressing “Finish”.

Alignment Design

IMPROVED: General speed improvements.

IMPROVED/CHANGED: Coordinate transformation tool starts with no coordinate systems selected in the dialog.


IMPROVED: Saving an alignment to an alignment task that already has data gives warning about overwriting.

IMPROVED: “TERRAIN”, “FILL” and “CUT” has strike-through if the terrain is turned off (in addition to being grey as before)


FIXED: Offsetting horizontal geometry gave a crash in some cases.

Alignment as surface edge

IMPROVED: List of alingments to choose is now sorted and it is possible to type in the alignment name in the search field and take you straight to the alignment in the list.


Build road model

IMPROVED: Errors and warnings in process info is now shown with full information text as presented in the errors- and warnings file previously.


IMPROVED: Road model now handles alignments with more than 1000 elements. Limit is raised to 2500 elements.

IMPROVED: “Break” in surface description gives a real break on the surface edges for the result objects.



NEW/IMPROVED: In situations where the first ditch surface starts under terrain, but ends above terrain the first fill surface was used instead, but with the slope equal to the first ditch surface. Now the ditch surface is stopped when crossing the terrain surface, and a fill surface with the correct slope continues.

FIXED: When the cross sections were too detailed it could result in error messages.

Draw Longitudinal profile

IMPROVED: Longitudinal profile from Quadri based on an alignment task now gets the calculation basis from the alignment task as a standard.

FIXED: Updating draw of longitudinal profile with NCO did not delete the existing drawout before drawing a new longitudinal profile.

IMPROVED/FIXED: Draw longitudinal profile with multiple sub-surface layers is done so that the rock-surface gets linetype for Rock, and the upper terrain surface gets the linetype previously used for Soil.

Draw Cross-sections

FIXED: Cross-sections did not draw correctly when boundary for road model surfaces were created with the reference alignment as boundary.

NEW: Cross-sections from Road Model can be done with the cross-sections coming out on one long strip (no sheet frame).


NEW/IMPROVED: Draw Terrain Cross-sections is more like dialog for Cross-sections from Road Model.

IMPROVED: Changes on scale in the dialog no longer reset the input done in the dialog since it was started.

NEW: Cross-sections to PDF can be done in black/white based on CTB for better readability/visualisation.


FIXED: In some cases the cross-sections did not draw when using Draw Terrain Cross-sections.

Draw Multiple Road Models

FIXED: Surface edges were not always drawn for new road models.

NEW: Select/Deselect all road models for simpler handling.

NEW: Road models is selected/deselected based on whether or not they have been drawn from “Draw Multiple Road Models” earlier in the project (after upgrade to NP19.3x.FP3)

NEW: Possible to show full taskpath in column for taskname.

NEW: Possible to expand the column widths.

NEW: Possible to sort models based on data in the columns.


T-junction in CAD

FIXED: Crash if alignments was selected in the wrong order.

Vehicle Track Analysis

FIXED: Load and load lines are drawn out.

CHANGED: Load and load lines are turned off as default when drawing extra lines.

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