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Version 21.FP1

Updates in Novapoint Road

Road task

NEW: Settingsbutton for the task.

NEW: Possible to set phase existing/planned to result features for the whole task

NEW: Possible to add generic attributes to result features for the whole task

NEW: User-defined prioritazion of calculation basis for the task.

Since the Settings-function on the Road task is a new function for NP21.FP1, editing the task in previous versions will cause the content/changes in the Settings function to be cleared from the task.

3D results

IMPROVED: Stakeout strings are generally improved.

IMPROVED: Stakeout strings for inner fillslope and out the the end of the cross-section separates between the inner and outer edgeline in the naming.

Cross-section Viewer

IMPROVED: Errormessages shown together with the text in the profile.

IMPROVED: Telling if the profile is a result of the Calculation interval, extra profiles or changes in the description.

Road surface description

NEW: Copy surface description also includes alignments as surface edge that are defined.

REMOVED: Save/Delete surface edge as alignment for 'Boundaries'

IMPROVED: Alignments as surface edge with non-unique names within the first 24 characters are now handled correctly and also shows the full name.


IMPROVED: Scrollbar at the bottom is removed. All tabs now shows better.

IMPROVED: Changes in size on the dialog is remembered until next time.

IMPROVED: Pavement description for a layer can be copied across pavement templates on right-click menu. Also includes the insert edge function.

FIXED: Copy pavement description to the opposite side did not always work.

Advanced pavement

FIXED: Changing from surface slope method 3 to method 1 made the pull-down list for surface not available. Had to change method again to fix it.

IMPROVED: Deep blasting with missing end surface description gives a message about this and now works as for advanced pavement.


FIXED: Now possible to edit the startpoint from alignment without having to delete it first.

Subgrade dialog

FIXED: 'Apply'-button did not work all places.

Draw Planpresentation

FIXED: Drawing out contour lines now shows the main contour lines correctly as shown in the plan presentation.

FIXED: Drawing contour lines could get a shifting of the contours on some surfaces so that they were drawn on the contour for 1cm higher or lower. (NOTE: The contour line and value drawn was correct, but it was not drawing the correct contour.)

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