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Version 21.FP4b

Updates in Novapoint Road

For updates on the Intersection task please go here.

Alignment Design

FIXED: Vertical alignment could be corrupted when using the “Save Only” twice in a row and then Cancel the edit.

FIXED: Settings-dialog would crash in one of the tabs.

FIXED: Error messages related to linksequence when editing alignments.

Build roadmodel

FIXED: Roadsurface edgelines missing for rock shelfs.

FIXED: 3D results for some situations where part of the road were missing.

Road descriptions

IMPROVED/FIXED: Issue with road surface advanced ditch input table where one column could disappear (normally not an issue for users in general).

Quantity report

FIXED: When using the Quantity report with the “summary” option or “No sectioning”, then not all quantities were OK when making the report without full length.

IMPROVED: Changes to bypass customer computer restrictions to open Excel *XLS-files (normally not an issue for users in general)


FIXED: Draw Longitudinal Profile missing pavement thickness for non-reserved road tasks.

FIXED: Draw Longitudinal Profile missing the pavement thickness added for Sub-base course 3 and Filter course.

FIXED: Function for “Set object elevation” would crash with Civil3D blocks.

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