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It is possible to create roadmodels based on predefined templates.

From Existing Project

Import of roadmodels and respective alignments must be done in a two step process:

  1. Import of available roadmodel information and surface descriptions (this documentation)

You are now in step 2.
If your Quadrimodel does not have terrain or alignments for the roadtask to use you need to do step 1 first.

To create a roadmodel based on an existing roadmodel project use the template From Existing Project.

  1. Start a new road task
  2. Go to the drop-down for Template and select the template From Existing Project
    - Pick the template for *.DMI for models exported from Novapoint 21.
    - Pick the template for *.GEN for models exported from Novapoint 20 or earlier versions.
  3. Select the DMI/GEN-file
  4. Select Calculation Basis for the road task from the active Quadrimodel (not necessary when creating the task)
  5. Press OK


A user-defined template is useful when creating roads where a larger number of tasks for calculation basis need to be set, and when user-defined conversion rules set is to be applied to the road model.

To create and use a template for road models do as follows:

  1. Select a road model to create a template from
  2. Right-click and select Save as template… and choose an appropriate name for the template
  3. Start creating a road task and select to use a template on the left hand side
  4. Choose to use a User Template
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