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It is possible to create roadmodels based on predefined templates.

From Existing Project

Import of roadmodels and respective alignments must be done in a two step process:

  1. Import of available roadmodel information and surface descriptions (this documentation)

The steps can be used separatly if only wanting the terrain profiles, alignments or the roadmodel result.

To create a roadmodel based on an existing roadmodel project use the template From Existing Project.

  1. Start to create a roadmodel
  2. Go to Template and select the template From Existing Project
    - Pick the template for *.DMI for models exported from Novapoint 21.
    - Pick the template for *.GEN for models exported from Novapoint 20.
  3. Select the GEN-file
  4. Select Calculation Basis for the roadmodel from the active Quadrimodel (not necessary when creating the task)
  5. Press OK


A user-defined template is useful when creating roads where a larger number of tasks for calculation basis need to be set, and when user-defined conversion rules set is to be applied to the road model.

To create and use a template for road models do as follows:

  1. Select a road model to create a template from
  2. Right-click and select Save as template… and choose an appropriate name for the template
  3. Start creating a road task and select to use a template on the left hand side
  4. Choose to use a User Template
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