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Guide Post to Common Tasks

Use the following steps to get an overview on performing common tasks of Novapoint Road Professional.

  1. Road Design (Superstructure and Surfaces)
    • Creating Road Project
    • Defining the Alignment
    • Defining the Design Standards
    • Defining the Cross-section of the Road
    • Building the Road Model
    • Optimizing the Road Design
    • Generating the Wire frame Model
    • Generating the Quantities Report
    • Designing T Intersections
    • Designing X Intersections
    • Designing Roundabouts
    • Vertical Information along Alignment
    • Distance between two Alignments
    • Intersection between two Alignments
    • Sight Distance Analysis
    • Sight Distance Analysis at Intersection
    • Analysis for Vehicle Track
    • VTurn settings
    • Selecting Vehicle for Vehicle Track Analysis
    • Vehicle turning analysis for the selected Vehicle
  2. Presentation of Project
    • Draw Road Model
    • Draw Road Elevation Annotations
    • Draw Longitudinal Profile
    • Draw Grid Model
    • Draw Matchlines
    • Draw Plan and Profile Frames
    • Draw Plan and Profile Drawings
    • Draw Cross-section Drawings
    • Draw Quantity Diagrams
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