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Unable to contact the server

When you sign in to Quadri and get an error message that indicates that you are not able to contact the server, try the following:

  • Check that your Quadri connection in Novapoint is correct by clicking this icon Connection Propertiesand compare the values in the list with a coworker that has a working connection. Alternatively remove the connection and add a new one.
  • Check that you have a version of Novapoint that is compatible with the current version of Quadri. See release notes for more details.
  • Check that your network is working and you have access to Internet.
  • Copy this link into the address field of a browser: http://ip-address/quadri/login/index.html (replace ip-address with name or ip-address of the server). If the server is running, you should get a message containing Hello World from Quadri Login Handler!
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