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Sign In to QMM

To use Quadri Model Manager, you need to sign in.

Trimble Quadri supports three different sources for users and you select the one you want during installation. It is not possible to combine multiple user sources.

Users from Trimble ID

If you have set up Quadri to get users from Trimble ID, you can sign in with your Trimble ID if you have received an invitation to become QMM administrator and have accepted it.

Users from Quadri

If you have set up Quadri to get the users from Quadri, you can sign in to QMM with your Quadri username and password. If you are QMM administrator, you will get access to all of QMM. If you are a project administrator, you will only get access to project administration for the models you are project administrator for. To get full access to QMM, you can also sign in with username admin and the password chosen when the server was installed. The admin password can be changed after you sign in.

Users from Active Directory

If you have set up Quadri to get the users from Active Directory (AD), you can sign in with your Windows username and password. Note that you have to be a member of the group QMM Users in AD to get access to QMM.

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