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Import Model

MOUS_ICO Models > Models > Import Model

To move a model from one server to another, you need to export it to a file, move the file to the new server and import it there.

Give a path to where the file with the model is stored in Serverpath for Import file.

If one or more files with models exist in the path, the models will show in the drop-down list. Select the one you want to import.

Click Import model.

Importing a model will take some time. A message will appear when the process has started. The Maintenance column in the Models list will show Importing while the import process is running. When the process is finished, the Maintenance column will be blank.

If you want to move a project from one server to another in a quicker and easier way, you can click here to find out how. Be aware that with this method, the history/timeline of the model will be lost.

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