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Model Information

MOUS_ICO Models > Select Model > Modify > Projects > Model Tab

If you click on a model in the model list and select Modify and Projects and then the Model Tab, you will get more details on the chosen model.

If you want to change the name of the model, type in new name and click the Update button.

Download Logs

You can also download a number of logs to see detailed and quite technical information of the model activity. Select the relevant log in the drop-down list and click the Download button. If you select All Logs, you will get a .zip-file with all the logs connected to the selected model.

Count Data

It can sometimes be interesting to count the data in the model, for example before and after a large import. Click the Count Data button to get a detailed report on how many features, tasks, users etc. that are stored in the model at the moment.

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