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MOUS_ICO Models > Select Model > Modify > Projects > Projects Tab

The projects menu lists all the projects in the selected model. It is still recommended to have only one project in each model.

If you click the arrow button and select Users, you will get a list of all the users that have access to the project.

Add New Project

Click the Add button to add a project to the selected model and a wizard will be started:

  • Step 1: Give the project a name and a description.
  • Step 2: Draw the boundaries of the project. Click the button with the +-sign and then click the corners of the project area. Double click to finish. You can also give the coordinates for the boundary. Click the button and type or paste the coordinates in the text box. Click Apply and Back to map or Next. If there are other projects in the selected model, the areas of these projects will show as grey polygons in the map.
  • Step 3: Select users that will have access to the project. You can select one or more single users or you can select a group of users (not when Trimble ID). Select radio button Users or Groups. If the server has users from Trimble Id and a user doesn't show up in the list, you can invite him by adding an email address to the textbox. The user will receive an email with a button to accept the invite and when the button is clicked, the user will get access to the project. The invitation is valid for 24 hours. You can invite several users by adding the email addresses separated by semicolon to the textbox. If you want a user to be project administrator for the model, click the grey checkbox in the Project Admin column.
  • Step 4: If you have set the parameter Show and select feature types in projects to true in the model, you can select from a list of feature types for the project.
  • Last step: You get a summary of your selections. If you are satisfied, click Finish to create the project.

Modify Existing Project

Click the project name link and a wizard similar to the one used when the project was created will start. Go through the wizard and change what you need. Click Finish in the last step to save your changes.

Remove Project

Check the project and click Remove to mark a project as removed from the model. If there are no worksets downloaded from the project, the project is removed permanently. If one or more worksets exist, but none of them have reservations, the project will be marked as removed and not be accessible to the users any more. If a workset has reservations in the project, the user must first release the reservations before the project can be removed. It is also possible to remove a project in Novapoint.

Check the project and click Restore if you want to restore a removed project.

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