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MOUS_ICO Server > Models > Parking

When a project is finished and there are no plans to change it anymore, it is recommended to move the model to parking.

When you park a model, it will not be available to the users in Novapoint, and it will not show up in the model lists in QMM. The model will also be excluded from the daily backup. If you park all models not in use, this will save both time and space for the daily backup.

If you are not sure if the model is used or not, you can update the list of last activities to see the last date and time for all server operations.

Move Models to Parking

Select the models you want to park an click the button Move Model to Parking. Parking might take some time, and in the meantime the maintenance status will display Parking in the models list.

Be aware that ALL worksets in the model will be disconnected if you move a model to parking.

Get Models from Parking

I you want to get models back from parking, go to the Get Models from Parking tab. A list of all parked models will show including details like Quadri Version of the model and the date is was parked and by whom.

Select the models you want to get back from parking and click the Get Models from Parking button.

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