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Move Single User Model to Trimble Quadri

Sometimes you want to move a local single user Quadri-model to Trimble Quadri to enable model sharing.

First create the new central model:

  1. Go to Quadri Model Manager (QMM) and create a new model with the same CRS as the single user model. See here for details.
  2. Click Join Project in Novapoint to download a workset from the new project (it will be empty)

Import the single user model to this workset:

  1. Click Insert tab, then Quadri G4
  2. Open your local .QuadriModel file and start the import (it may take time, depending on the amount of data).
  3. From Novapoint Base Home tab, click Share to share your model changes
  4. Release all reservations

Now the project is shareable within your project team.

Last modified: 2019/10/03 12:09 by admin