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Add User

MOUS_ICO Users > Add

To add a new user, type a unique username, full name, note, password and retype password. Click the Save button to save.

  • Username - must be between 1 and 20 characters, no special characters.
  • Password - must be between 8 and 50 characters. Three of the four groups of characters must be present: Lower case letter, upper case letter, number, special character including the following: #!@$%&'()*+,-./;:<>=?_{}|
  • Fullname - must be between 1 and 100 characters.
  • Note - must be between 0 and 300 characters.

To be able to add users to a Quadri server, the server must have a license key. See Server Dashboard for more info.

If you try to add a username that has existed on this server before, but the user has been deleted, you will get an option to restore the user.

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