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3D Triangulation

MOUS_ICO Menu: Tunnel > 3D Triangulation…
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tunnel: 3D Triangulation…

In this dialog you can make a 3D triangulated model out of a scanned point cloud. You also have the possibility to draw the triangulated model in AutoCAD.

Specify the point cloud file by clicking on the open file tool-button.

Specify a file for the triangulated model by clicking on the new file or open file tool-buttons.

As explained in the dialog, you should give the model file a name so it is easy to understand for which chainage number interval the triangulated model is valid. This will make it easier later to build up a 3D drawing based on several triangulated 3D model files.

Click on the Triangulate! button to perform the triangulation. You should optimize the triangulation by removing long edges. You must try out different edge lengths to find the best value for your model.

You have the possibility to switch the X- and Y- coordinate (north, east) when reading the point cloud file. This is sometimes necessary to generate a triangulated model with correct global coordinates.

You can draw the triangulated model by clicking on the Draw! button. You don´t need to triangulate a point cloud first to draw the model. It is enough to specify an existing model file.

You can choose to draw the triangles as 3D surfaces and/or the points from the point cloud. The drawing is automatically zoomed to fit to the 3D-model you draw.

Note: The 3D-model is drawn at the correct location in global coordinates based on the coordinates given by the triangulated model.

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