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Draw Tunnel Cross-Section with Layout

You can draw one or multiple tunnel cross-sections in the layout drawings from this dialog.

The line thicknesses, colors etc will be fine on the paper drawing if you choose to draw with the plotter file vegvesen.ctb. This file is included in the Novapoint installation directory in the sub-directory Tunnel\PlotFiles

Model Info

The model info is collected from the Novapoint Project ID dialog and from the Tunnel Project Setup dialog. You can not change the model info from this dialog.

Horizontal Scale

You can choose between scales 1:20, 1:50 and 1:100 when making the cross-section drawings. The font, symbols etc will be adjusted accordingly so that they are correct on the paper drawing.
The system remembers the setting you do in this dialog independently for each scale.

Drawing Settings

In this section you can set up which cross-sections you want to draw. Click on the button to open the dialog for cross-section selection.

You can also specify the insertion point of the tunnel cross-section in model space by clicking the button next to the Insertion Point text and then click in the drawing area. The insertion point represents the lower left corner of the inner paper frame for the first cross-section to be drawn.

Drawing Attributes

The drawing attributes decide the contents of your cross-section drawings. Click on and off the items you want to include in the drawing by clicking the check boxes. Click on the plus-signs to expand the attributes so that you can see the sub-attributes as well.

You can specify the relative distance from the road reference line for some drawing items such as the calculation result table. You must probably try and fail a few times before your drawing looks as you want it to be.

Sheet Settings

This is the section where you specify different values for the layout drawings.

The Layout Prefix is the prefix that is written on the layout tabs in AutoCAD.

The Start Running No is the start value for the numbering of the the layout sheets, but is can also be used as the start value for the drawing number in the title field - see explanation further down.

If you check on use Use Title Block and Title Block Attribute, then you will get a title field in the layout drawings. We have included a template for the title block and a template the title block attributes in the in the Novapoint installation directory in the sub-directory Grunn\Symb.
The title field template is called svv_tittelblock.dwg and the title block attribute template is called svv_tittelfelt.dwg.
If you choose these templates by clicking on the -buttons, then a list of title field values is shown. Click on the plus-icon if the list doesn't open automatically. Fill in the actual values in the list. Check the grey help field at the bottom of the dialog for help about the list item you have chosen.

There are three dynamic text variables that can be used in the title field.
#CHAINAGE1:<d># and #CHAINAGE2:<d># are chainage values of the first and last cross-section on the actual layout drawing. Insert the number of decimals you want as the <d> value.
#NO:<n># represents a running number increasing with 1 for each layout drawing and starting with the value of the Start Running No. Insert the number of digits you want as the <n> value.
Example: Write C-#NO:5# in the title field variable for drawing number and set the Start Running No to 20. Then the first drawing no. will be C-00020 the next C-00021 etc.

Layout Settings

In this section you can specify the number of cross-sections shown in each layout drawing, the margins, the drawing order of the cross-section etc.
The result of your choices is shown immediately in the Cross Section Layout Preview pan.

Drawing Style Settings

You can choose between different drawing styles from a drop down list. The drawing style is shown immediately in the Style Preview pan. The drawing styles changes the line types for inner the profile and the perimeter e.g..


Click on Draw to generate the specified layout drawings

Click on Close to just close the dialog without drawing anything.

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