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Export Geometry Lines to XML

MOUS_ICO Menu: Tunnel > Export Geometry Lines to XML
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tunnel: Export Geometry lines to XML

In this dialog you can export the tunnel geometry in a XML-format that can be read by the TunnDoc application. TunnDoc is an application for registration of the geology in a tunnel. TunnDoc works on handheld equipment.

It is the plan geometry of the tunnel that is exported. The XML-file contains the extreme left and right lines of the perimeter in addition to two lines representing the abutment lines between the tunnel walls and the ceiling. These abutment lines are not calculated accurately in regard to the geometry, but are only drawn 1/3 of the tunnel width in from each of the extreme left/right lines.

The Calculation Interval defines the chainage interval for the tunnel cross-section calculation. For these chainage values, the geometry is accurately calculated and the result exported to the output file. A crossing line for each calculation interval is also included in the output file.

The Current Road Model is collected from the Novapoint Project ID dialog.

You must specify the Tunnel Geometry File in this dialog. You can specify the geometry file by clicking on the button marked with “”.

The Precision specifies the number of decimal digits (the accuracy) in the output file.

Specify an Output File by clicking on the “” button next to the Output File text control.

Click on Export to do the calculation and produce the output file

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