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Graphical Geology and Rock Support Registration

MOUS_ICO Menu: Tunnel > Graphical Geology and Rock Support Registration…
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tunnel: Graphical Geology and Rock Support Registration…

The structure of the dialog

The dialog consists of three main parts:

  • The property tabs to the left
  • The drawing area to the right
  • The drawing attributes to the left at the bottom of the dialog

The rock support tab

The rock support data is shown on the rock support tab for the chosen rock support items in the drawing area. You can edit the property data for the chosen rock support items on this property tab. Several rock support items can be edited simultaneously. The changes in the rock support data are shown in the drawing area if the changed data are visible (the amount ob bolts e.g.).

The changes are stored to the tunnel geometry file when you press OK. The changes are not stored when you press Cancel.

The drawing area

The tunnel is shown unfolded in the drawing area. You can zoom (magnifying glass) and pan the figure (hand) by using the tool-buttons on the top of the drawing area. If you choose the zoom-button, then you can drag a rectangle across the area you want magnify by clicking in the the drawing area with the left mouse button and hold the button down while you drag out the rectangle. If you press the pan-button and click in the drawing area with the left mouse button, then you can drag the figure around by pressing the left mouse button down while you move the mouse. Choose the zoom extents button (second from the right) to see the whole tunnel.

You can move along the tunnel axis by using the slide bar below the drawing area. You can control which chainage number interval to see in the drawing area, and the length of it, by using the chainage number controls to the right of the slide bar.

The edge lines and the abutment lines are shown as vertical lines in the figure. The chainage numbers are shown to the left of the tunnel.

You choose a rock support item by clicking the left mouse button inside, but close to, the enclosing rock support item frame. You can choose more rock support items at once by pressing the Ctr-key while choosing the different rock support items. You deactivate a choice by clicking outside any rock support.

The drawing attributes

You can choose which rock support types you want to show by checking on and off the different rock support types in the drawing attribute tree. You can also choose to switch off the showing of all the rock support items at once.

The Shift Log

Coordinate calculation for unfolded geometry

Click this hyper-link to learn more about the coordinate transformation for the unfolded plan geometry and the different error situations that can occur. Coordinate transformation

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