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Draw Longitudinal Profile

Use this function to present the longitudinal profile for the alignment of the active model (road, railway, channel, etc.). <embed ..:..:road:menu:draw_longitudinal_profile:profile_roadmodel_dynamictemplate> <label title>Draw Longitudinal Profile</label> <label vips>Model (Road, Railway, Channel, etc.)</label> <label roadmodel>model (road, railway, channel, etc.)</label> <label baseline>alignment</label> <label dtm>Digital Terrain Model</label> <label terrainmodel>DTM</label> <label externalmodules>

  • The parameters related to tunnel profile lines are defined at 'From other Novapoint Modules'
    • Include additional elements/objects from Novapoint Water and Sewer Module

</label> <label updateprofileroadmodel></label> <label build>Build</label> <label access>

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tunnel: Draw Longitudinal Profile Draw Longitudinal Profile…
MOUS_ICO Menu: Tunnel > Draw Longitudinal Profile…

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