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Rock Support Registration

MOUS_ICO AutoCAD-menyen: Tunnel > Rock Support Register…
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tunnel: Rock Support Register…

Use this dialog to enter new or view or modify existing rock support data.

Automatically assigned values

There are a lot of values that have to be filled in, therefore some measures have been taken to reduce the amount of typing:

  • Each table has one or more columns with values controlled by process codes, for instance the “Construction Phase” column in the “Sprayed Ribs” and the “Casted Concrete Lining” tables. The dialog will check if the process code just entered has been used elsewhere in the same table, and if it has, copy the process code dependent values from the most recent of those rows to the current one.
  • The “Registered By” value is copied from the previous row when a new row is added.


Clicking a column header will sort all rows according to the values in that column, clicking the same column header again reverses the order.

To sort by date and time: first sort by time, then by date.

Saving rock support data

If you open the rock support register dialog from the AutoCAD menu, all modifications are saved when the Close button is pressed. If you open it from the Tunnel Design dialog, you will have to save the tunnel model from that dialog after the rock support register dialog has been clsed with the Close button.

Last modified: 2008/10/31 08:16 by vn_no_jeh