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Rock Support Report

MOUS_ICO Menu: Tunnel > Report Rock Support…
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tunnel: Geology and Rock Support Reports…

Model info

The file references listed under Model Info are specified in the Project Setup Dialog for Tunnel. If these file references are not correct, please correct them in the Project Setup Dialog for Tunnel.

Report interval

I you choose to report a specified chainage interval instead of the total tunnel, then you can choose whether you start with the lowest or highest chainage number. If you start with the lowest chainage number, the sorting of the listing in the Excel sheet will be ascending. The sorting will be descending if you start with the highest chainage number.

For rock support items placed partly inside and partly outside the report Chainage interval, the corresponding listing line in the Excel sheet will be marked with a yellow background color. The value listed for the rock support item will be reduced. The value will be multiplied with d/D and rounded upwards. d is the chainage interval of the rock support that is placed inside the report interval. D is the total chainage interval for the rock support item.

Last modified: 2008/09/09 23:16 by vn_no_jeh