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Novapoint Tunnel

New module in Novapoint 19

The functionality in Novapoint Tunnel is the same as for Novapoint 18.20/18.30. The only difference is that the functionality now is connected to tasks.

You open the tunnel design dialog from Novapoint 19 Basis, while the drawing functionality is opened from AutoCAD.

Only functionality for tunnel design is included in this release. The functionality for geology- and rock support registration will be released on the next release, planned for the autumn 2014.

Tunnel modelling

You open the tunnel modelling tool by clicking on the Tunnel-button on the Modelling band.

Tunnel button

In this tool you can choose between two templates; one template for importing an existing tunnel geometry file and one template for creating new tunnel geometry. In addition you can connect the tunnel model to the actual road or railroad task with this tool.

Tunnel design tool

When the tunnel design task is created, then you can double-click on the task, alternatively right-click and choose Open, to open the tunnel design dialog. The functionality in this dialog works the same way as in Novapoint 18.


The functionality for triangulation of scanner data is run from two buttons on the new Construction band. One button for importing old triangulation data sets end one button for triangulation of point cloud files.

Construction band

When using the tool Import Triangle Models, you first choose the tunnel geometry file you used for the triangulation job. The directory where you placed the triangulation result data (d3d-file), the point cloud file and the script file used for importing the point cloud file must not be moved relatively to the original location of the tunnel geometry file. The script file should be placed on the same directory as the point cloud file.

Import of triangledata

When the tool is run, triangulation tasks for each scanner data set in the original geometry file are automatically created and placed below the associated tunnel design task in the task tree.

Scanner data tasks

In the Scanner Data tool you first choose a point cloud file by clicking the button Select files. Below this button you find the old functionality for choosing point cloud files and defining script files. In addition you can adjust the values for vertical offset from the reference line for the center of the triangulation cylinder and the maximum triangle edge length the same way as in Novapoint 18.

Scanner tool

The triangulation tasks you find in the tunnel design dialog in the element tree. This is the same way as you are familiar with from Novapoint 18. You must open this dialog from the tunnel design task on which the triangulation tasks are associated. Inside the tunnel design dialog, it is now just possible to adjust the viewing settings for the triangulation. The triangulation is done by running the triangulation tasks.

Tunnel Design dialog


The drawing functionality is still in AutoCAD. You start AutoCAD from the lower right corner of Novapoint 19. You need a Tunnel license for Novapoint 19 to run this functionality.

The drawing functionality is similar to what you are accustomed with from Novapoint 18. The only difference is that you have to choose the correct tunnel design task before you start your work.

Uttegningsfunksjonalitet i Novapoint Tunnel

The 3D-drawings you produce in AutoCAD can be imported back into Novapoint 19 Basis with the Import Files tool on the Insert band.

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