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Version 19.20FP3

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map 7.0.0

New features:

  • AutoCAD 2015 support
  • Navigation modes similar to DCM Base and VDC Explorer
  • IFC Import
  • Generic 3D model format support, MeshImport plugin (import)
  • Publish to VDC Live (cloud based model server at
  • Save Attribute values as ObjectInfo
  • Export Geometry: Add support for Collada format
  • New Virtual Map ribbonbar in AutoCAD
  • Export FBX
  • Option to load group state without changing viewpoint
  • Save group status to .lastlocation-file
  • OBJ export speed improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Problems with UV mapping in exported geometry
  • Improvements to FBX export format selection
  • Export geometry with area crop won't crop imported meshes or pipes
  • Unloading xref that contains xrefs removes all xrefs from model
  • 32-bit Viewer package is missing a dll file
  • Joystick does not work in 64-bit Virtual Map
  • ESC menu hidden in full screen mode
  • Error when 3D stereo mode is enabled
  • Missing files in surface and road models are ignored by modeler
  • Login check before exporting/uploading a model
  • Civil3D plugin missing from DCM19.20 and NP18.x installers
  • Cannot dock floating 3D window
  • Text dimensions are determined incorrectly in viewer causing slow fps
  • Full screen messes up 3d-view docking
  • Regression: Pick point / close polyline does not work
  • OBJ material names get combined
  • Show 32bit / 64bit in about box
  • Translation error: Load Group state and Update group state
  • Material physics friction contain random values
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