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Version 19.2x.FP6

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer


GENERAL: Speed improvement saving WS-model horizontal- and vertical alignments on large models.

NEW: Drawing illustration objects in the WS design vertical drawing was originally designed to draw pipes created in a NP18 model as “Existing objects” and imported into a NP19 model. The WS application is now extended to show objects with other component shapes than extrusion (eg DWG-block).

NEW: In NP19.2xFP5a the menu choice Rename and Delete was removed from the trench task short cut menu in the Novapoint Base Explorer view. This was done ensure “1:1” between WS-model and Quadri WS-task. New function added under Tool-menu to clean up the WS-task structure for models created in older version than FP5a:

FIX: The start elevation of pressure pipes in manholes between the start- and end node is at manhole inner bottom. This is now fixed to read the pressure value set in the config for the manhole.

FIX: Insert a bend on a pressure pipe, or insert a node on a trench section with a pressure pipe with a bend as start connection, the elevation of the inserted bend is now at pipe bottom. This is now fixed to insert at correct at the pipes reference elevation - for pressure pipes at top.

FIX: Renaming a trench in the WS design dialogue result in viewing wrong sections on trenches in the tree view.

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