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Version 21.00

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer


  • NEW: WS task stores volumes, surfaces and string-lines for all Embedment Layers
  • NEW: WS task stores reference all pipes and manhole points and-lines
  • NEW: Volume reports generated from WS task (remaining reports exported from AutoCAD menu, as in NP20 version)
  • NEW: Table View on right click task menu
  • NEW: WS task is connected to a network reference (link) which makes it possible to present all objects in the WS task related to the trench refrence line
  • NEW: In WS task settings it is now possible to edit priority on calculation base for manholes and trenches
  • NEW: Separate Stakeout template in Export task extract all designed WS objects from Quadri model
  • NEW: In WS task settings it is now possible to add user defined attributes on all WS objects
  • UPDATED: Conversion rules for export of WS attributes on manholes, pipes and trech layers, to IFC format.


  • IMPROVED: Extended possibility to lock manhole parameters; height, top(Z), hor.pos.(XY)
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