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Updates in Water and Sewer

Version 21.00 FP1


  • CHANGED: Removed WS Task Template “Status_Phase Existing” from NP-install. Phase existing can now be activated from task settings menu.
  • NEW: User defined Pipe- and Connection ID now saved in Quadri model
  • NEW: Settings menu added on WS subtask (trench task) to be able to Set User defined properties on the Trench task result


  • FIXED: When drawing detailed manhole sketch with group-setting,the position of the manholes was mirrored


  • NEW: InfraModel format from WS model


  • FIXED: Attach to Road on right click pipe menu was not activated
  • NEW: Possibility to name trenches with Cross Section name
  • NEW: Construction graphic - possibility to turn off node name in the vertical window.
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