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Version 21.00 FP2

REMARK: Regarding volumes. In Excel Quantity report ‘pipe volume is subtracted from trench solid volume’. In Quadri, it’s full volume.

Updates in Novapoint WS|Cable


  • IMPROVED: Better 3D presentation of pipes in break points

Export - InfraModel

  • FIXED: Bug in InfraModel export from WS; caused by mm ↔ m mistake reading pipe dimensions when calculating the invert elevation of pipes with reference point at outer top.


  • NEW: Manhole > Connected pipes; shows offset from center for pipe start-/end point.
  • NEW: Show pipe angles in manhole (activate from Tools menu)
  • NEW: In vertical window; possible to move pipes vertically in trench (same UI as for editing gradient)


  • NEW: Added new chunk for Terrain analysis tools
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