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Here we will put resolved issues from the known issues list that are older than one year.

For all changes see our Release Notes.

Date when noted
Product Description Fixed in
2019/03/12 21.FP3 NP Road Drawing Longitudinal Profile to CAD from non-reserved tasks causes issues.
* AutoCAD crashes.
* Roadtask is not able to build afterwards, even after reservation.

Temporary solution 1 (recommended):
Extract the roadmodel via PARAM-file or roadmodel files and create a new task.

Temporary solution 2 (recommended): Disconnect the local dataset and download a fresh dataset. Reserve the task and continue with the work.

Temporary solution 3 (for advanced users): Requires reservation of the task (IMPORTANT).
- On your local dataset, find the project files and the roadmodel files for the task with the error.
- Delete the *.$$i-file.
- Check the read-only on the *.DMI-file.
- Release the read-only on the DMI-file by unchecking the checkbox.
2019/02/14 21 NP Road Quantity report can show very large or small values if the boundary or boundary alignments start/end in the same chainage as the start/end chainage of the road model. NP21.FP3b
2019/02/12 21 NP Road Apply-button in dialogs or building cross-sections from the Cross-section Viewer will lead to crash when a 3D Presentation with transparency for the active road is in use.
Temporary solution: Close the 3D Presentation.
2018/11/20 21 NP Road Combination of viewing 3D Presentation with transparency for the active road task being build may lead to a crash in some situations.
Temporary solution: Don't show the 3D Presentation when building the road task.
NP21.FP3: Partly fixed for NP21.FP3.
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