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Versjon 21.xx.FP3

Oppdateringer i Novapoint Basis


Denne oppdateringen inneholder generelle feilrettinger og forbedringer

  • FORBEDRET: Hvis alle inndata objektene er av samme type, lages en subgruppe, for enklere og lese tabellen.
  • FORBEDRET: Bedre ytelse og kvalitet
  • FORBEDRET: Skaper nå riktig resultet, når basis og sammenlignens flate er samme flate.


  • FIXED: TILOS shift to using road task names and road task IDs
  • FIXED: Finish not available for DBS after transformation
  • FIXED: ProjectWise not working due to use of wrong id
  • FIXED: Export GML - point geometry not exported correctly
  • FIXED: Add possibility to read schema from local disk in GML import
  • FIXED: QuadriModel import added all netelements even if just one or few where selected


  • FIXED: Error when saving double attributes in polygonOfTrees Drawing Attributes
  • FIXED: Shapeattributes are named the same in Pres.Setup and in Properties
  • FIXED: Use Built-In Texture - enable texture not working from drawing-rule
  • FIXED: Added feature has spatial condition

Conversion rule editor

  • FIXED: Bugs and Crash in Conversion Rule Editor
  • FIXED: Conversion rule elements not displayed in Conversion Rule Editor


  • FIXED: Allow Spatial Attributes to be used in renderhandlers
  • FIXED: Abnormanl shutdown - using 3D/plan windows in NP21
  • FIXED: Make it possible to write the volume for solids in plan window
  • FIXED: Turn on/off “personal textures” (specified on geometry)

Div bugs

  • FIXED: Performace issues in Presentation Setup
  • FIXED: Duplicate GUID problem in import in FP2 made trouble when sharing
  • FIXED: Road Marking is not published to EA
  • FIXED: Delete Button not accessible when using Global Attribute Filter in Dynamic Query
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