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Missing DLL

On some computers, Windows gives a message about a missing DLL when starting GeoSuite Toolbox.

This is often “repaired” by restart av GeoSuite Toolbox.

If this does not help it may be necessary to insert the path to the binaries folder:


  1. Start the Control panel
  2. Search för “System”
  3. Select to “Edit the system environment variables”
  4. In System Properties - select the button [Environment Variables]
  5. In the “User variables” - Edit the “Path” variable
    Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Trimble\Novapoint\GeoSuite\16\Binaries
  6. Add the path to the binaries folder in the GeoSuite installation folder
  7. Save settings by click on [OK]
  8. Now try to start GeoSuite Toolbox…

Still problems?

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