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Version 21.0x

Updates in Novapoint GeoSuite

GeoSuite Panel

Load the GeoSuite-panel in Novapoint Basis by executing the command file: NovapointGeoSuite.cmd (file is found in install path) or Activate GeoSuite in Novapoint Base

Borehole diagrams in long/cross section view

The standard drawing rule is expanded, now with Geotechnical Themes.

The drawing rules “Geotechnical Interpretation” and “Geotechnics theme” now has an alternative “Borehole diagram”.

This is very useful when adding extra interpretations directly to the model.

To edit in the Graphics settings go to the GeoSuite menu.

Watch this video to see example of use: F4pLXGbRTD8

Edit/add interpreted points/lines in long/cross section view

It is now possible to draw and edit features also in the section windows (not only in plan and 3D windows.) This is especially important for geotechnians who want to add interpreted points and lines to sub surface models, and to complement data created from the import of GeoSuite databases.

Watch this video to see example of use: MLou74fuE3c

Table - a new presentation window

Show > Table

Table can be used when you want to present model information in columns and rows, to understand the model's content better, drill length, number of drillings, etc.

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